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The user installs a package (and what goes on until the package is ready?)

erkanPosted last year for slitaz Pod Members to comment on3 min read
  • this morning (aka: the theory)
  • later (aka: the reality)

This morning, I wanted to post something like this:

I saw, there are a few people here at WS into music (listeners, as well as creators)...
So, I wanted to show a look into the multimedia packages of @SliTaz

We've 3 pages full, some programs people will know are:

  • audacity, ffmpeg, vlc etc.

You can install the apps you like via the SliTaz panel - as root - or what I prefer, in the terminal:

  • e.g. tazpkg -gi vlc

For example, I like to listen daily to music and track this also. This is called "scrobbling".
On last.fm and also libre.fm, I can then get immediately stats (hourly, daily, weekly, etc.)

or go to your library

and select specific ranges (e.g. what did I listen to at Christmas three years ago?)

It's definitely worth to join libre.fm and last.fm when you like music.

Then... I started to install audio player clementine, but:

  • it won't start up (there is a fix in the forum how to fix this, by installing an old dependency, but the scrobbling plugin was missing)
  • So, I thought about upgrading it to version 1.3.1, with scrobbler enabled, but that failed...
  • Then I thought: "Let this rest for a while... installing VLC is better! Since scrobbling works there also AND it has also video"
  • But VLC v3 seems not to support QT4 anymore, so there is only command line version at the moment
  • While looking at the VLC build log: I saw a few warnings, dependencies missing. So, I wanted to fix these (and I did :-) so users have now more features with VLC than before)
  • ... but it took a while

And now? I wanted to tell you that there is often much work involved so users can run their apps nicely!

Packaging involves:

  • having time (since you don't know if everything builds smoothly immediately: check for errors; optimize (make warnings disappear,...), google for solutions and google again and so on...
  • when the build goes through: are we finished? Nah, someone has to make sure the built version actually runs and works as before, ...

There are some distros that wanna live risky and build immediately new changes (e.g. Arch linux comes to mind) which can also be fun as user, but I am not sure about the life expectancy of their package maintainers ;-)

  • when you change one dependency that can have effects on the packages that depend on this
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