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GEON- Visit locations, Get Paid! Over 1.5M Locations Globally| Dapp Review Courtesy of SOTD & Oracle-D..

elsiekjayPosted to Publiclast year

Geon is a Featured Dapp on State of the DApps that pays it's users for visiting certain location, how cool is that?
Basically, you only need to be 150M of radius of these locations to earn yourself some Geon Coins which you can exchange for a couple of things, such as;

Steam gift cards
◊ Random Steam games
◊ PayPal Gifts
◊ Netflix vouchers

And more to come as stated byt the team behind this project.

On this Vlog, I talk indepth on what I think about this DApp & Why I feel it would make a great passive income for avid travellers.

Also, it's worth to note this is my Entry for this Weeks @dapplover's @oracle-d's & @stateofthedapps task for the Week. Incase you missed it, you can check it out below, the theme of the week is Featured Dapps...


Thank you for Stopping By, See You on the Next Vlog!

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