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Throwback to Frankfurt - my European Tour

eggstamusicPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago

I've just been watching the documentary on Netflix about Taylor Swift Miss Americano and made me miss my touring days.

Last year I took my mom with me on tour of Europe and tonight I'll share the Frankfurt experience.

Throwback to Frankfurt and one of my favourite performances of the Sofar Sounds Tour!

I had so much fun and wish we were back there.

It was snowing as we landed but we loved every minute and the people were so hospitable!

It was cold - but very exciting to be on tour

With my mom, my biggest fan in Frankfurt

Always having fun with the luggage

Josh Middelton toured with me

My mom loved being on tour with me

Going to take you with me to all the places we went to.

My sister in law has been in Lithuania on business and experiencing some serious cold. She is happily flying back tomorrow and arriving on Sunday afternoon. She says she can wait for the sunny weather again.

Much love
Eden 😘

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