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Next stop - Paris - throwback to European Tour

eggstamusicPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago2 min read

My winter European tour was so very special - and especially since I enjoyed it with my mother.

And oh how special it was to perform in Paris and be there with my mother, Christine. She made the whole trip so incredibly special and we also got a day off to explore the shopping and fashion in the city.

This was my backpack teddy - Reddy - who went everywhere with me on the tour

Inside the most beautiful shopping centre ever - Galeria Lafayette -

You sure need a lot of money in this shopping centre - it really was spectacular.

My mother outside the shopping centre


With Josh Middelton at the venue

We were touring all the Sofar Sounds venues. Really remarkable to play in front of a crowd who are so responsive and really listen. A great privilege.

You can see Reddy here sitting in the middle of the crowd

During the performance

This was my 3rd time to Paris but definitely, one to remember! We performed quite close to the main station and I ended up leaving my keyboard there (goodness knows how that happened) but luckily I got it back!

One very kind gentleman met us half way and brought the keyboard to us. It was extremely cold - so we were very grateful.

Much love
Eden 😘


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