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Fun Times with Josh Middleton on Winter Tour in Europe

eggstamusicPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 years ago2 min read

Last year January I toured Europe with Josh Middleton. We have recently spoken about touring together again and I just wanted to share some special and some funny moments with you.

My mother @pandamama wrote some beautiful blogs at the time. I was very fortunate to be able to take her with me to share in the lovely times we had with Josh's parents, Gayle and Ian.

Screenshot 20200421 22.06.39.png
Gayle cooked a special meal for us which is something one doesn't usually have the privilege of on a tour- and it was our favourite - roast lamb and vegetables.

Screenshot 20200421 22.09.51.png
We played to a completely sold out tour of the places mentioned in the banner

Screenshot 20200421 22.07.43.png
We had wonderful moments and many times acted like two teenagers

WhatsApp Image 20200420 at 19.41.21.jpeg

Josh loved to catch usIn sleeping moments
WhatsApp Image 20200420 at 19.41.18.jpegWhatsApp Image 20200420 at 19.41.18 1.jpeg

We did get him back once but I can't seem to find that photograph.

Screenshot 20200421 21.54.12.png
Gayle, my mom and I at an exclusive shopping centre in Paris

Screenshot 20200421 22.07.20.png
A great shot of Ian capturing a bird on camera

It was a wonderful, albeit freezing cold time - and when we tour again we need to make sure its in summertime.

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