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Frankfurt - Part 2

eggstamusicPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago

Whilst in Frankfurt, I was given an invite to play in Nuremberg. Nuremberg is the second-largest city (of the German state of Bavaria) after it's capital Munich .
This was very exciting - but the invitation was for me alone. I was on tour with Josh Middelton who travelled with his mother and father, Gayle and Ian Middelton. I was fortunate to be able to take my mother, Christine, with me on this tour but she had to remain with the family whilst I flew out on my own.

We had a seriously fun time with Josh and his family. Whilst scrolling through my photographs I came across some more from Frankfurt so decided to have a part 2 - to share these memories with you.



A blessing to play to an attentive audience


My mother taking photographs (or video) and Gayle on the left of her

We always ended with a selfie with the audience



Ah, such memories. Getting so close now to start releasing my new songs - can't wait.

Much Love
Eden 😘


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