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Continuing with the European Tour - London

eggstamusicPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago

The tour dates

So, I've covered Frankfurt and Paris

Tonight I will be sharing photographs from the London leg of the SOLD OUT Tour. This was a tour of Sofar Soundsvenues in the UK and Europe.

We performed in the Sofar Sounds head office in London which was a lot of fun. I did my own set and I performed with Josh afterwards. It was a beautiful setting and an awesome audience and I loved being a part of the show!


Sofar Sounds is a wonderful place to perform at. You have a totally attentive audience each time.

At the station in London I had the opportunity to perform on a piano

This was such an amazing opportunity and it was a thrill to see people stop to listen. My first opportunity of busking - in a way.


Decorations on the ceiling

Much love

See you in Falmouth tomorrow

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