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ANNOUNCEMENT - I'm starting my new, very own TV show!!!

eggstamusicPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago

Honesty Bar

WhatsApp Image 20200922 at 09.57.57.jpeg

Had such a cool time today on set of what will be my TV show called The Honesty Bar.

The concept is, imagine walking into a bar and telling the bartender all your secrets and troubles.

Well, I’ll be the host and that bartender. We went to look at the venue and we had a meeting about set up etc.

WhatsApp Image 20200922 at 09.51.19 1.jpeg
How cool is this set

WhatsApp Image 20200922 at 09.51.19 2.jpeg
This is like home to me

WhatsApp Image 20200922 at 09.51.19 4.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 20200922 at 09.51.19 5.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 20200922 at 09.51.19.jpeg

I’m really excited about getting it going and setting up all the guests etc! We start filming next week Monday! Can’t wait to share more news about it.

Will keep you updated as much as possible with behind the scenes shots.

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