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Giving = healing = receiving: the story of dStors.com

dstors3 months ago4 min read


It started with an idea to better the world through steem and applications based on it.


Exactly 365 days ago, @kaliju created steemfleamarket on Steemit, with the idea that people will be able to sell or give away their items to each other. The idea started off pretty strong, but after a while, due to the lack of funds and ultimately the inability to bring attention to the project - it stalled. He never lost hope in the project and knew that a service of this type (a circular flow model market, brought up by Ned Scott, CEO of Steemit Inc, a few times in the early days of steem) would be beneficial to the Steem blockchain and for the community as a whole. Little did he know that from that idea, something incredible would be born.


original logo that was first used to represent @dstors

The details of @dStors started to come to life. @kaliju knew how important it is to bring incentivized e-commerce solution to the blockchain and wanted to take steemfleamarket to the next level - by establishing a legitimate brand and a product that is built to give: https://dstors.com. The idea of people being able to open up their own shops on the blockchain and sell whatever they wanted had started. Bringing buyers and sellers together and allowing them to softly transition to the graphine-based blockchains such as steem and whaleshares (bitshares) and ultimately, cryptocurrencies and the future they offer - was set as the first goal high on the priority list.

Financial Freedom for All


@kaliju and I (@derangedvisions) were talking a few months back about the idea of dStors and what it could grow into. He was telling me about how anyone, anywhere, could open up a shop and sell to people all over the world. Then how we were going to use the reward pool to mitigate the shipping cost of those transactions to try and erase the borders that are created by the shipping industry, as one of the examples.

As I got to thinking about this; I started to think how truly incredible this will be to people all over the world and our communities on Steemit and Whaleshares. What we are creating here, is not only something that can add so much to the utility of your Steem, SBD, and WLS and bring overall value to the Steem and Whaleshares blockchains, but it is an amazing humanitarian effort as well - as there are features that are being worked on that would allow people to give the stuff they no longer need away to those that do and be rewarded for their acts of kindness and consideration. Perhaps a new paradigm is on the rise with dstors and the tools of innovation it will empower us all with - something that we can refer to as Proof Of Altruism for the time being, as we slowly shift away from blogging and branch off to new territories that these blockchains were designed for.

Photo by HitDelight

Imagine a pottery maker in a third world country that is spending hours making beautiful works of art, just to sell those pieces to a tourist shop for a fraction of their value, while the owner of the shop turns around and sell them to the tourists at full value just because he has a shop with which to sell them from. This type of thing happens all over the world. Now with dStors, we are giving the "keys" to that pottery maker so that he can open up his own shop and have a global audience to sell those works of art to - and reward both buyers and sellers with our high-utility coin: STORS. The possibilities of how one may choose to use those rewards are only limited by one's imagination. Mitigate shipping costs? Sure. Offer irresistible discounts to your customers? Why not?

This is the real power of crypto currency here and it is what gets our whole team excited about the project. The ability to help bring people all over the world closer to reaching their goals of true financial freedom through crypto currency is our goal.

Make sure that you are following us to stay up to date with the progress of the project through our DISCORD and TELEGRAM channels. You can also show some love by following us on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM. dCommerce is here. Launching soon on whaleshares and steem.

Thank you for stopping by and for your support! We hope you are as excited about dStors as we are.

*Head of Social Media, Wesley West @derangedvisions*


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