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The juggernaut can't be stopped - dStors is at 827,202 SP in delegations!!

derangedvisions3 months ago4 min read


This is just the beginning


13 days ago now, we put out our Delegation Campaign that outlined the benefits of delegating to @dstors. This morning during our dStors dev call, we watched the delegations reach near the Round A goal of 750K, then we watched the delegations blow past that towards 800K and now at the time of writing this post we are at 827,202 SP in delegations received from the community.

This can only mean a few things:

  • The community is more than just excited for the potential that we are going to be bringing to the Steem Blockchain.
  • The community is excited to get their hands on STORS tokens that will have value across multiple blockchains.
  • dStors is the largest project on the Steem Blockchain that is not supported with Steem Inc delegation.

Ever since @kaliju and I came out and publicly announced the @dstors project to everyone, we have see all sorts of support from the community.

Photo by @vladivostok

Since @roelandp gave me an opportunity to get on stage at Steemfest and present dStors to everyone, there has been so much excitement building from you all. As we near 1 million Steem Power in delegation, the team can not help but feel overwhelmed by the support from you all and the belief that you all have in dStors.

We hope that @ned and the rest of the Steemit Inc team take note on what we are doing with dStors. There is a lot of FUD going around on the platform right now with big accounts powering down and people are wondering about the future of the Steem Blockchain. dStors is here to bring business to the blockchain. I think that there is a shift in the way that people are going to be using the Steem Blockchain over the next year.


With dStors we are bringing incentivized shopping by giving the community the ability open their own stores on the blockchain. The sellers will be able to accept fiat or cryptocurrency via coinpayments. This will give everyone the ability to use their Steem or SBD in a new way, further increasing its value.


What sets dStors apart from the current models that are already in place like eBay, Shopify, and Alibaba, is that once the transaction of sell is completed, our model does not stop there. Both the seller and the buyer will then be rewarded with our STORS Tokens. Those tokens can be used for rewards on the Steemit or Whaleshares platforms or sold back to the Bitshares exchange.

This incentivized shopping model is what will keep buyers and sellers interacting with the blockchain and will bring people from all over the world together and introduce them to not only cryptocurrency, but the Steem Blockchain as a whole. As more users are being on-boarded to the blockchain via dStors, more transactions will be broadcast across the chain further reinforcing the fact that the Steem Blockchain is much more advance than other blockchain in terms of transactions per second.


Thank You!!


I just want to say thank you to everyone in the community that has been a believer in dStors since @kaliju and I first started talking about it. Many people think that the Steem Blockchain is dying, but the dStors team is here to breathe new life into the blockchain.

We hope that @ned, @andrarchy and the rest of the Steemit Team can see the value that we are bringing to the platform and the excitement from the community that is behind dStors.

Make sure that you visit our dStors Open Forum post and ask us questions about the project for a chance to Steemmonsters Alpha Packs.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little something about us at dStors. We are looking forward to January. You can expect the launch of our Minimum Viable Product by then and begin interacting with your stores. Thank you all again for your amazing show of support.

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