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Power of the Sun - Deranged Photography Contest

derangedvisionsPosted to Public5 months ago2 min read


Welcome to the Deranged Photography Contest


This is the first week of the Deranged Photography Contest and we are going to kick it off with some awesome sunrise or sunset pictures. Show me the best shots you have where you capture the beauty of the sun in all of its glory.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

How will the Deranged Photography Contest work?


There will be TWO Tiers for you to compete in. There is Professional Tier and an Amateur Tier. When you enter your image into the contest, you will state what tier you are entering in and you will compete against other photographers of the same level.

Each week there will be three winners chosen from each tier.

1st125 DerangedCoin100 DerangedCoin
2nd75 DerangedCoin50 DerangedCoin
3rd50 DerangedCoin25 DerangedCoin

How to enter

  • You can either drop a your image in the comment section of this post, or make a separate post and then drop your image and post link in the comment section of this post.

  • State the tier you are competing in, Professional or Amateur. I reserve the right to move you to a higher tier if I feel you are competing at a level that is too low for your skills.

  • Make sure to leave your BTS address along with your comment.

Thank you


I am looking forward to bringing back this photography contest. There are many very skilled photographers on Whaleshares and I want to give everyone a chance to be able to compete in a contest together. However, there have been a lot of entries in many of the photo contests on the platform that are of very low effort. Low effort entries will not be rewarded. My goal is to push people to put in effort to create quality content and to increase their photography abilities.

Vote for Your Witnesses

If you like what I am doing for Whaleshares, you can vote for my witness at https://wallet.whaleshares.io/~witnesses. All votes are greatly appreciated.




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