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Introducing someone you should all follow - @kingblack

derangedvisions3 months ago4 min read


Image from a post by @kingblack

Every time you have to speak, you are auditioning for leadership.
**James Humes**

That quote is so true. I knew from the moment I read the first post from @kingblack that he was destined to become someone special for the Venezuelan community and a voice for them here on Whaleshares.

The first post that I read of his was titled The Saddest Christmas: A Country in Crisis and an Empty Wallet. In the post he speaks about how, in Venezuela, the economy has been destroyed and people are fighting to survive on an average of around 7 US dollars a month. 7 dollars.... Let that soak in for a moment.... I cannot even fathom trying to survive off of $7 a month, when yesterday I went to see a movie with my daughter and my soda alone was nearly $7.

I have known many Venezuelans over the past year since I started on Steemit and I had become good friends with a few of them. One of them is a photographer and she told me about a university professor that worked for 30 years teaching at a university level in Venezuela and when he retired because he couldn't afford to keep teaching, his final paycheck was equivalent to $2.50 for the month. That is with a PhD.

There is a lot going on in Venezuela that the rest of the world does not know of, mainly because the Venezuelan people are a proud people and do not want to share the story of the daily struggle that they face. I contacted @kingblack on discord and told him that it is important that the rest of the world knows what is going on in Venezuela. The way he writes has so much truth and passion behind it, that he is becoming a voice and a leader for the Venezuelan community here on the platform. I am hoping that he can be built up to be able to support others that are in similar situations as him.


Image from a post by @kingblack

The picture above is from a recent post of his where he explains that the money he is holding is the largest banknote in the country, but it has been devalued so much that its worth is only enough to buy a small tangerine. It used to be worth around $100 USD prior to the economy collapsing in Venezuela.

This is where the power of Whaleshares and the other platforms such as these come in. These platforms are giving people the ability to take charge of their future and earn a living. @kingblack has explained in many posts the impact of WLS has had on his small family's life. He has even broken down what 100 WLS would be able to buy for a family in Venezuela:

So what can we buy with 100 WLS in Venezuela, today January 11, 2019.
You could buy the following products:

2 kilograms of Meat. (100 WLS)

2 kilograms of Cheese. (100 WLS)

4 kilograms of rice. (100 WLS)

4 kilograms of corn flour. (100 WLS)

2 kilograms of tomato (100 WLS)

That would be the basics and with regard to personal hygiene items, you could buy:

3 Toothpaste. (100 WLS)

6 Bath soaps. (100 WLS)

2 Shampoo. (100 WLS)

2 Deodorant. (100 WLS)

Cryptocurrency is changing lives around the world and is giving people the ability to survive when their government is failing them. The Venezuelan government has failed its people, but I am grateful for the Whaleshares platform being in place to help people like @kingblack to give a future to him, his wife and his baby boy.


Image from a post by @kingblack

With #thebeast in full effect, you can be sure that @kingblack will be sharing some great stuff. Make sure that you head over to his page and give him a follow. Check out his posts as well, they are very moving and well worth being rewarded.


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