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Introducing Pixel Perfect!

derangedvisions5 months ago2 min read


What is Pixel Perfect?


Exciting News!


@deranged-witness has teamed up with @artwhale-witness and @pixel to create Pixel Perfect. We are super excited to announce this project to the Whaleshares platform.

Pixel Perfect is an initiative created to help teach the content creators on the platform something new and reward them in the process. We will be having "homework" assignments to go along with the lessons we present and not only will you be rewarded for your participation in each of these lessons, you will be learning some pretty cool skills and techniques to elevate your creative process to bring your posts to the next level.

We know that there are already so many skilled artists and photographers on the platform already that have so much to offer and we are hoping that you all want to get involved by creating lessons for Pixel Perfect. In return, you will be rewarded for your efforts and credited for the lesson plan that you have constructed.

We also want a lot of community involvement, so we are in the process of putting the finishing touches on our Pixel Perfect Discord Server. We want this to be a place where creatives can come and brainstorm different ideas and let us know what types of things they would like to learn. Think of this as somewhat of a college for artists and photographers that instead of you paying for your education, you are rewarded for your participation while you take part in learning.

Right now, the Pixel Perfect team is comprised of myself, @anritco, and @kaliju. This is going to be an amazing adventure for all of us and are very excited to see where this takes us.

Thank You


I hope that you all are excited about the Pixel Perfect as we are. This is going to be awesome.

Make sure to vote for @artwhale-witness and @deranged-witness to help support this amazing project!

We will see you again soon!




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