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Design the Discord Logo and Win!

derangedvisions3 months ago2 min read


Building a Community


With the growth of the Whaleshares platform, it was only a matter of time before multiple discord communities started being created. Those that are familiar with Steemit know that there are countless different discord communities to become a part of. A few days ago, a few of us came together and began creating another Whaleshares community discord with the goal of having it be a community that is being collectively built by members of the community.

Whaleshares V12


The Whaleshares V12 discord was born. A V12 is a staple of success in the crypto-sphere. Everybody wants to buy a Lambo, or any other super nice car, when crypto moons.

The Whaleshares V12 discord is not a competing discord of the Official Whaleshares discord. We want to bring members of the community together to shape something truly unique and give everyone a chance at helping to make that happen.

Design and Win


As part of making this a community effort, we want you to help and design the discord logo. All entries will be judged and rewarded by members of the community. Create a post for your design, link it in the comment section of this post along with an image of your design and BTS address.

Winners will receive:

1st Place - 300 DerangedCoin and 100% Pixel Upvote
2nd Place - 200 DerangedCoin and 75% Pixel Upvote
3rd Place - 100 DerangedCoin 50% Pixel Upvote
All winners will also get a 100% upvote from @scipio

We are looking forward to seeing your designs. Come and join us in the Whaleshares V12 Discord:



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