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Derangedvisions - Adopt a Whale Initiative - Inspired by @pankso

derangedvisions3 months ago2 min read



What is Adopt a Whale?


The Adopt a Whale initiative is something that I heard of from @pankso in his Adopt a Whale - Application. I had "adopted" a few new members of the Steemit platform and mentored them, introduced them to different communities and rewarded their posts for a specific amount of time. One of the hardest things for people starting off on these platforms is gaining an audience or knowing the correct way to write posts and use tags.

I am going to be joining @pankso in his efforts to "adopt" members of the platform and help them get started in the right direction and become great members of Whaleshares. What will my adopted whales receive from me?

  • Daily 100% reward for 14 days
  • Engagement on posts.
  • Advice via discord or Whaleshares.



  • Be real, be yourself!
  • You must have less than 2000 Whalestake.
  • Only post your original work, no plagiarism!
  • Do not spam comments on posts. Only post engaging comments.
  • Source your images properly.

I am using the same rules as @pankso so that our initiatives for helping the members of the platform. The goal of this is to teach the newer members of the platform good practices and to give them visibility.

How does it work?


Simple, if you want to be adopted by me, you have to write #adoptawhale in the comments along with a short description about yourself and what you mainly post about. I will check the profiles of the people asking to be adopted and pick 1-2 users. I will then announce the adopted Whale(s) 10-12 days after the publication date of this post. You can also suggest people to be adopted by mentioning them in a comment, but they also have to comment so I’m sure they are OK!

I am looking forward to hearing from all of you.



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