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DerangedCoin is live on Whaleshares.info and ready for the community!!

derangedvisions3 months ago3 min read


DerangedCoin is here for you!


One thing that drew me into the Whaleshares platform from the beginning was the concept of the tokens that some of the larger stake holders on the platform had set up as a form of rewarding members of the community. Being able to reward the members of the community with my token is something that I am excited about.

With the help of @bushkill, who maintains the whaleshares.info site, I was able to get DerangedCoin added to the List of CommunityTokens.

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 4.43.11 PM.png

Screenshot from whaleshares.info

Is this an Official WhaleToken?



DerangedCoin is set up as a CommunityToken. There are differences between WhaleTokens and CommunityTokens, not only in terms of the stake that is backing the token.

CommunityTokens are not overseen by the Whaleshares platform and are defined/controlled by their respective owner. Their usage and purpose may be different than WhaleTokens. Support for CommunityTokens is via the owner and not the Official Whaleshares Discord Support. Due to the nature of them not being under the control of the Whaleshares platform, it is solely up to the users descretion to determine if the tokens align with the spirit of Whaleshares or as a vote selling mechanism for the token owner.

From Whaleshares.info: What are Whaleshares Tokens?

Why am I doing this?


I believe that sharing is an important aspect of this platform. I want to be able to offer up portions of my stake to the community so that they can use it as they wish. I intend to use DerangedCoin to support community initiatives across this platform and run more contests on my own account or my @deranged-witness account to give away DerangedCoin.

So many people on this platform are producing amazing content and it is impossible to keep up with all of it, but if I give out some of my stake in the form of DerangedCoin, it is possible for me to reward more content across this great platform.

How do you redeem DerangedCoin?


When you want to redeem DerangedCoin, go to your Bitshares Wallet and send the DerangedCoin asset to deranged-visions. Enter the amount you want to send. Enter the link you of the post you want rewarded in the memo section. It should look similar to this.

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 5.50.12 PM.png

Make sure that you double check that everything is correct before you send it.

It is not an instant upvote, so I will be checking my Bitshares transaction history a few times a day for incoming transactions and reward them as I see them. You can contact me on Discord at derangedvisions#5934 after you send in some DerangedCoin to let me know, so that way I can check on it.

1 DerangedCoin = 1% voting mana

100% is worth about 50 WLS at this time

It is best to send me a DM after you redeem DerangedCoin so that I can check my Bitshares.

Stay tuned for contests and ways to win DerangedCoin!!

Vote for @deranged-witness at https://whaleshares.io/~witnesses



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