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DerangedCoin is fully automated - Let the contests begin!

derangedvisions3 months ago2 min read


The robots are doing the work


Thank to the genius of @ceruleanblue and @kennybll behind @eternalblue, they have announced [ETERNALBLUE ] Announcing: Community Token Automation. This is going to make things easier for all of you that are holding DerangedCoin.

Many people got some DerangedCoin over the holidays and there is no better time to redeem them than now. Instead of me having to check my Bitshares transactions for incoming coins, everything will be done automatically.

How do you redeem DerangedCoin?


When you want to redeem DerangedCoin, go to your Bitshares Wallet and send the DerangedCoin asset to deranged-visions. Enter the amount you want to send. Enter the link you of the post you want rewarded in the memo section. It should look similar to this.


Make sure that you double check that everything is correct before you send it.

1 DerangedCoin = 1% voting mana

How to earn DerangedCoin?


When I joined the Whaleshares platform, I had plans of using my own token to reward people for my Deranged Photography Contests. I will be bringing that back as a weekly contest now that there are more photographers here on the platform and I have a wider audience.

I also run games and mini contests on my other account @deranged-witness. I will begin incorporating ways that the community can earn DerangedCoin while participating in the open events that are going on over on that account. So make sure that you are following @deranged-witness for more chances to earn some WLS and have some fun.


Stay tuned for the Deranged Photography Contest comeback post. It will be launching this weekend. This is a photography contest that you don't want to miss.

Thank you again @ceruleanblue and @kennybll for your coding skills to get this done for the community token holders. This is going to help all of us do things for people across the platform.



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