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Reykjavik Rainbow Street - Photo Of The Day

dejan.vuckovicPosted for Everyone to comment on, 13 days ago2 min read

Rainbow Street, Reykjavik

Daily Photography

One of the most colorful streets in the capital of Iceland, Reykjavík is definitely Rainbow Street. Back in 2015, Reykjavik decided to paint part of one of the main pedestrian streets - Skólavörðustígur, in rainbow colors. This was done as a sign of acceptance of the pride parade that was held in that city in 2015 for the seventeenth time.


Icelanders have a very healthy attitude towards sexual freedom - they do not impose their views and openly accept others without prejudice or judgment. This leads to a very relaxed atmosphere without pressure and underestimation by one or the other camp.

What is interesting about Rainbow Street is that everyone can participate in its annual renewal. The city provides the paint, brushes and workers, but everyone is welcome to pick up a brush and help restore this colorful sidewalk.


This street, it seems to me, belongs to the pedestrian zone of Reykjavík. I say - it seems to me, because from time to time I met cars in other streets that I was convinced were closed to traffic. Maybe these streets are only closed at certain times or open to tenants or this is another case of the Icelandic relaxed way of city traffic... In any case, the street seems like a walking zone to me.

On both sides of the street there are numerous clothing and souvenir shops, as well as restaurants and cafe shops. As you can see, the street is full of people enjoying the Icelandic weather - whatever it is at that moment ;)


Last but not least, this photo is my contribution to the Proof of Brain Photo Contest, aka #POBPhotocontest organized by @friendlymoose, whose theme this week is COLOURS!

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