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Houses of Reykjavik

dejan.vuckovicPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago2 min read

Houses of Reykjavik

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Today, on a short walk around Reykjavík, I discover houses built in different Icelandic styles.


First, there is definitely the turf house. Traditional Icelandic houses were very often covered with turf. Sod, a thin layer of soil, grass and moss add another layer of insulation from the harsh Icelandic climate. Today they are a tourist attraction. I remember many years ago, on my first visit to Iceland, I traveled six hours by car to a village in the west to visit some turf houses. Don't worry, you don't have to do that now, there are several modern ones right in the center of Reykjavík. This turf house is also a great bar.


Scandinavian style houses in Iceland are lower with one or at most two floors. Very often they are made with the imitation of small towers and observation windows. A wooden structure reinforced with sheet metal on the outside and almost always painted in bright or at least pastel colors. Very comfortable inside, with the smell of pine and creaking floors. They remind me of my old farmhouse that smelled similar and had the same creaking floors.


Greenhouses and glass houses are part of many backyards in Reykjavík. Intended for raising sensitive plants, keeping those that need a slightly higher temperature, easier overwintering of local species. But above all, greenhouses always contain a comfortable chair or armchair, a reading lamp, a tea and coffee table - so I believe that they are primarily intended for the enjoyment of the owner.


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