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馃寗 ADVENTURES 8 - Canopy Tour (South Africa) - Zip-lines over the valley

deimusPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 years ago


A canopy tour is a series of zip lines over the trees of a valley. Basically you zip from platform to platform in a zig-zag from the top of the valley to the bottom.


Like in all my adventures, safety comes first and that starts with a helmet.


My group strapping on our harnesses, getting ready for our day in the sun.


There's no time to warm up because the first zip line is the most scary - it's really high above the trees.


My turn!


There's a lot of waiting between each section, but the view is spectacular, so the time passes quickly.


Don't forget your sunscreen, some of the platforms don't have much shade.


Another beautiful day in Africa, see you on my next adventure.


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