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DBREAD Creative Week Award 16

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The idea behind DBREAD token is to help create communities where people appreciate and support each other’s talents. Creative Week Award is established to support talented people who regularly contribute quality content to Whaleshares community. The winner is awarded 700 DBREAD tokens which is enough to publish and reward posts every single day for a whole week. The Creative Week Award curator is @warpedwhale. Enjoy!

The Week’s Winner

The winner of this week’s Creative Week Award is @viking-ventures

@viking-ventures is one of the most prolific writers on this platform. In fact, her posts are what keep the fiction niche active on any given day. Though we have never really had any personal interaction, I know of her, her work and her contributions to the creative writing community. I actually began to notice her writing when I saw that she had an ongoing series. Now this series, I believe is the longest running g series on this platform and that is some amazing feat.It is a fact that almost all of her work on the platform is based on or derived from the A'mara world.

I picked an episode, the most recent episode of the current series for this curation. The series is titled Birth of The Nevi. This is the chapter 25 in the series. In this chapter, the characters are faced with an environmental crisis created by pollution and an out of control fire as well as an internal crisis among the leaders of the society. They also have to consider the possibility of sabotage.

The story series is of the sci-fi subgenre. Although there are elements of fantasy like in the story, the setting is of a more sci-fi feel than fantasy. What is most memorable about the story series is the character growth and development as well as the interaction between the characters and within themselves as well as try to make sense of their relationship with other characters.

"Jilia watched as a wave of Jerreck’s hand turned off the feed. He sighed from his chair. In the chamber, he did not attempt to hide his feelings of sadness and disgust. Jilia wished she could help lift some of the weight from his shoulders as he shook his head in exhausted disbelief"

The story has action but @viking-ventured mostly propel the story with dialogues and interaction and this is a great system especially considering that the story is long enough to contain action, dialogue and all the elements that make up a good novel.You can see how dialogue also helps to explore incidents in previous chapters as well as give fodder for future chapters to develop upon.

“If you are having trouble breathing today, you are not alone. Dangerous levels of smog have plagued many of Terrenden’s major cities today,” a reporter shared. “Many events were canceled when city after city was declared hazardous. Hospitals are rapidly filling with people struggling to breathe, and residents are urged to stay indoors.”

You can most definitely pore through the piece here.

**@viking-ventures please endeavor to drop your bts username in the comment section below.Congratulations!


@rickie comes with this mind bending story which he titles Phantasmagoria about a family dealing with the death in the family. The main character has lost his wife and he and his daughter are still missing her only for the daughter to claim that she has seen her late mother.Unable to believe that to be true, he finds a reasonable possibility until things go weird.

I enjoyed the supernatural theme in the story and the way the writer introduces the weird parts in the story. The story skirts the edges of magical realis. My best part is;

"It had been several weeks since he last heard her voice, and since both he and Susan saw her.
Unaware that he was in a sleepy state, he asked, “Where are you, honey”?
He then quietly rose from the bed.
As soon as his foot touched the floor, it began to rain.
“Come with me, darling!” He heard again"

You can check the piece here.

@imbigdee comes with this piece he titles The Greatest Loss 1. The story is a romance that looks at two people striving to overcome their parents' intolerance for their love and the extents they go to keep the fires of their love burning.

The writer expresses the love the two main characters have for themselves as well as their parents'anger.

"Her parents were happy, James felt fulfilled for threatening her successfully. He kissed Marielle on her forehead to celebrate their victory over Adam. Mary left their room and ran to their suite to meet Adam who has been troubled since she left. Immediately she entered, he quickly went to meet her with only a question on his lips, ”How did it go?” She narrated everything that happened, it gave them a lot to think about and she didn’t want to waste time. She hugged him tight and the smell of his hair reminded her how much she love him"

You can read the piece here.

The List of Past Winners

The Creative Week Award is the brainchild of @vit who seeks to celebrate the literary minds that bestir this pond of artistic expression we call Whaleshares. Though there are several literature related projects ongoing in this sphere, which in most cases @vit is a part of, he has deemed it necessary to push for a further appreciation of the literary attempts of writers here, whether professionals with years of successful writing on their belts or amateurs who discovered their skill on joining the whaleshares platform.

To achieve this, the Creative Week Award is set to award any Whalie, Whalesharian, writer on the platform who has been writing superb pieces of literature for a while on the platform and has a little bit of following as well as a result of his or her content. The selection will be picked from posts made within the week in view. The piece could be in poetry, short stories, story series, flash fiction, prose poetry, etc. What the award aims at is the celebration of literature and literary excellence.

Each week, we will have one winner and two honorable mentions. The winner will get 700 DBREAD with which he or she can reward their posts. We expect to see great writing featured in this award and we encourage all who are fascinated with words to be a part of this. You can never know, the winner could be you!

DBREAD, or daily / digital bread, is a share-and-reward token created to support talented people and community initiatives on Whaleshares platform. The dream behind this token is to help people follow their creative passion without having to worry too much about the reward. Follow @dbread to learn more about airdrops, contests, and other events. Vote for @dbread-witness on Whaleshares to support DBREAD initiative!

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