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DBREAD Witness Announcement Post

dbread-witness7 months ago2 min read

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DBREAD Witness server is up and running since August, 21, 2018. It’s launched to support @dbread token, the writers community I am building, and the whole Whaleshares project.

Server parameters:

  • CPU: 4 X86 64bit Cores
  • RAM: 4GB memory
  • NETWORK: 300Mbit/s Unmetered
  • STORAGE : 100 GB SSD

The server power will grow together with the network.

Who am I

I am known as @vit on Whaleshares and am a frontend developer in the Whaleshares dev team. My job is to make websites look great and work smoothly, fix issues, and implement new features.

I am also a writer / poet / blogger with many years of experience. I am building on Whaleshares a community of writers and other creative people.

To accelerate the community growth, I recently launched on Whaleshares a new token backed by Whalestake, DBREAD, to reward creative people and community contributors.
The dream behind this token is to support writers, poets and other creatives that need to focus on producing quality work for longer time without worrying about their effort being wasted because of the lack of immediate financial reward.

Vote for @dbread-witness to support these initiatives.

What is a Whaleshares Witness?

Witnesses, or Block Producers, are the custodians of Whaleshares network, processing all network transactions including posts, comments, token transactions, and more. Witnesses' servers make 'blocks' (groups of transactions) and add them to the blockchain, they also store the complete blockchain data. Witnesses are compensated with Whalestake for each block they produce.

To become a witness, read the official witness announcement and follow the manual. There’s also a useful guide by @black-man.

As a Whaleshares member, you can vote for witnesses that you believe are trustworthy and will contribute to the network growth. You only have 30 votes to cast.

The voting page: whaleshares.io/~witnesses


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