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The Evolution Of The $INDIE Token AND The Blockchain Music Awards

david6 months ago3 min read


The $INDIE token was issued on the Bitshares DEX near the end of 2017, distributed by brands of the Indie Alliance. https://wallet.bitshares.org/#/market/INDIE_BTS

It has since been used as a loyalty rewards and tipping credit at Indie Music platforms https://atomcollectorrecords.com/ , http://indiemusicplus.com/ , and a few others. You will still be able to earn small chunks of $INDIE at these sites, but the plan was to always evolve the token use case to have a much greater impact on helping artists and musicians increase earnings and global exposure. We now have them and Whaleshares is part of it...

New $INDIE Token Feature #1: Voting Share At The BMAs

The Blockchain Music Awards (BMAs) is not just another awards show. We are a charting system, media network, and music awards brand that sits at the forefront of the new music paradigm and the blockchain revolution. Think Billboard + Grammy's for blockchain music but NOT manipulated by major labels, and you won't have to campaign like a politician to get nominated. All artists will stand with their music on equal ground.

One section of the upcoming BMA website I'd like to highlight at this time is the Blockcharts - a comprehensive charting system that will pull data from all the major blockchain music platforms you know and love (see image below with demo data). We are in talks with some other blockchain tech platforms as sponsors, and you may be surprised at the A-list artists that have jumped on board as well. All will be announced when the website is live.

BMA nominations and awards will be determined by a combination of chart data, $INDIE voting, and the BMA Awards Panel. What's unique about the voting aspect is that you will only need to send 1 $INDIE when voting, BUT your voting share will be based on the total amount of $INDIE you hold at the time. (i.e. if you hold 50,000 $INDIE in your Bitshares account, then your 1 vote = 50,000 shares)

There will be many other benefits to holding $INDIE, and we are developing staking features with @atomcollector and other community members that will be announced when complete. 😀

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 11.49.32 PM.png

New $INDIE Token Feature #2: Summon The Music Whale With AIRPLAY

This is where whaleshares.io comes into play! We considered submitting $INDIE to be a "whaletoken", but with its other use cases it started to get a bit too complicated.

We also started chatting with @seveaux about AIRPLAY, and how it has a singular focus to generate automated whale votes for sharing and curating music on the whaleshares platform. We support his vision and long preparation, and have decided to cross-promote INDIE with AIRPLAY throughout our communities....Indie Airplay, has a nice ring to it too!

The simple beginning is a market pairing on Bitshares where users can redeem $INDIE directly for AIRPLAY to increase their earnings and exposure on Whaleshares.io. Bounties, events and contests are in the works too.

See you on the chain, David

• $INDIE Alliance on Discord: https://discord.gg/wAAFSPV
• $INDIE on Twitter: https://twitter.com/IndieToken
• BMAs on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BlockchainAward
• BMAs on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlockchainAward/


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