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Comments for the Michigan State Committee hearing on Banning Vaccine Requirements for Work

daronknolPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago7 min read


This is a written comment I am turning in to be attached to Michigan House Bill 4471 which is going to Committee tomorrow at nine A.M. I know I am setting myself for trouble later by doing this, but that trouble is coming to me whether I like it or not...

Public Comment for HB 4471

My name is REDACTED and I am a lifelong resident of Michigan. I hold three degrees, two AAS from Lansing Community College, and a BAS from Sienna Heights in Professional Communications, all Summa Cum Laude. I know the importance of proving credentials when speaking in public, but today, I want to bring your attention to another set of credentials I also have. You see at one point in my life, I was a ward of the State of Michigan. I had a bad childhood and chose the streets at a young age. I spent a lot of time in jail, and prison, and my drug addiction and self-destructive behavior led me to heroin addiction and about four years of homelessness, right here on the streets of Lansing.

While I was serving my time during all my incarcerations, I read, a lot. Interlibrary loan programs, the law library, and writing letters to professors was how I did my time. I always loved to learn, and I could read before I went to kindergarten, and I read everything and learned everything I could throughout my life, it is just how I am. I even wrote a study guide for the Horticultural program at Saginaw Prison, that I believe is still used today.

Now, because of my choices, I also spent a lot of time around law enforcement officers in my young life, whether jail guards, sheriffs’ deputies, or prison corrections officers, and consider myself to almost have been raised by them. I always had a job when I was in jail, and to this day, I count some of my best friends and closest confidants to be Ingham County sheriff’s deputies. Somewhere along the line, I met Pastor Dave Kokenaugher, who led me to know Jesus.

That was in 1992. It took me years of knocking my head against the wall and embarrassing myself and my family before I finally gave up and let God lead my life. Long story short, I was led to a place called Endeavor House Ministries, and after a year in the program, I graduated and went on to manage the residence for another year. Eventually, I moved on, and after a few years going to school and living alone, I met my wife. We were married shortly after, bought a home, and life was good. Then covid hit.

When covid started, my wife and I were both working at Lansing Community College. I was support staff, and she worked for Continental Services in the cafeteria. When we were laid off, I realized there was a chance that we may not be called back, so we started a cleaning business that is doing well, in spite of all the measures that have been used to combat covid. Lockdowns, etc. Now, once again, covid is impacting me and my life.

Keep in mind, no, I am not sick, no, no one I know is sick, or do I even know anyone that KNOWS anyone that has died, but that is not what I am wanting to talk about. I am here to tell you why VACCINE PASSPORTS OR REQUIREMENTS should NEVER be welcome in Michigan.

As I said, I am a Christian, and anyone that extrapolates the inevitable, should realize what the outcome will be if vaccine requirements are instituted. The ONLY outcome of a two-tiered society will be the imprisonment and eventual death of those that do not comply. History could not be clearer on this matter.

As a Christian, I can assure you that I for one, and many like me will NEVER take this so-called vaccine. The reason I pointed out about my formal education earlier is to show the committee that yes, I do know how to properly research, and for that reason, I understand that we are really talking about genetic therapy, whether you want to call it a vaccine or not. We are also, now, talking about having to take something into my body in order to “buy or sell.”

Allow me to tell you what the Book of Revelation in verse 13:16 says about this, “And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead. 16 so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark—the name of the beast or the number of its name.…”

That one verse alone, with the way the Federal Government is currently behaving, gives me a religious exemption under the Constitution of the United States. But now, my own state wants to make me unable to work at all without taking an experimental gene therapy. A gene therapy that comes with a digital passport that also ties me in with a digital identity.

Now, I am not going to go on, or into a lot about other subjects, like what really happened at the Wuhan lab, what did Dr. Fauci have to do with it, or who Klaus Schwab is and what he wants to do with the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” but just know that I could go into great depth about these things, that I know about these things, and if you do not, well, you are remiss in your duties then. The thing is, there are a lot of people like me out there, normally quiet, but able to speak when we need to. About this, I need to.

Before you dismiss this and call me a “Conspiracy Theorist” or a “Tin Foil Hat,” remember, I read the Government, United Nations, and CDC’s own documents to draw my conclusions. Remember, scholarly research? Just because a person personally dismisses a study, that does not make that study any less valid. You see, that is REAL science, and you CAN ALWAYS question it. That is why it is science. Let us keep in mind the Federal Governments recent admission that it not only lied for eighty years, but also spent OUR tax money to study UFOs while they were lying to us AND ACTIVELY DESTROYING LIVES AND CAREERS. Conspiracy Theorist is just a term to allow people that question the main narrative to be ignored.

Now, as a small business owner in Michigan, let me tell you this as well. Yes, we do get the occasional customer that does not want to use our cleaning company when we tell them honestly, no, we are not vaccinated, nor will we be. We then explain we take our customers health seriously, and we would never come to work sick, or send someone that was. I can tell you that, overwhelmingly, people are either fine with our decision, or more often, they feel the same way we do.

I guess what this committee needs to take from these comments, is that no matter what the polls say, there are A LOT OF PEOPLE THAT FEEL JUST LIKE ME ABOUT THIS SUBJECT, they just may, as I did until today, not want to get involved with it. I come here today as an informed, and very concerned citizen. Is Michigan really going to implement a system creating a second class citizen? How far will it get taken? Internment camps? We know the CDC has them planned. I pray to God you are on the right side of history on this one. Please send this bill to become law. Put an end to this insanity in Michigan.

Pray for my family, and thank you for reading.

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