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The Predatory bird (colored pencils)

daring-celtPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago2 min read

Hi friends!

Today I have a drawing of bird.
Honestly, I don’t know what kind of breed it is, but judging by the beak, it is one of the predators.
I liked this bird I use as a reference


I used a set of professional colored pencils (some brown and gray shades) and tone paper for pastel painting


Sketch with light color pencil


I started in pencil with the most difficult part, the bird's head and eyes.
On the left side of the head, there are the most light feathers, and closer to the beak, the feathers darken.
I draw individual feathers in dark gray and in some places in black.
The bird's eye is drawn in yellow and orange for a sense of liveliness.


I continue to work with bird plumage.
On the top of the wings, I applied a thin layer of blue for highlighting.
In other places, I outline the tips of the feathers in pink-beige.
The right side of the bird is more in shadow due to its angle.
Using the example of a bird's tail, I select shades to realistically draw colorful feathers


Remained plumage on the body of the bird.
On the left side, I paint more in warm colors, adding brown tints, and the feathers on the right side are dark brown and in dark gray shades.
Under individual feathers, I make dark shadows to emphasize the volume.


Well, the last element is a piece of dry wood on which a bird sits. For him, I had to take a few pencils of green shades.
I also decided to add some greenery to the background to spice up the surroundings of the bird.


I finish the greens on the background in the upper right corner, and in other places I just make a few strokes with green shades.

Here's a my drawing bird today!


Many thanks for attention for my drawing tutorials!

Have a nice and creative day for all!



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