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Mardy Gra's Wreath with Mask

daring-celtPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 years ago2 min read

Hi friends!

I never see a MardyGra's Carnival in real life. All I know about this is articles in magazines and TV shows on Discovery Channal.The fact that for someone a part of life and cultural traditions, I imagine as mysterious exotic of a distant country...
I like the colors of this holiday and the feeling of fun in connection with the arrival of spring...

So I painted such a colorful mask on one recent Steemit contest.

Марди Гра_готовый.jpg

Today I decided to draw with traditional art materials, namely paints of tempera.


Usualy I draw on watercolor paper high quality.


For the yellow parts, I mixed cadmium yellow paint, burnt sienna and natural sienna.
Highlights on metal areas of mask & beads I maked by lemon cadmium.


For the purple ribbons and beads I take white color, cadmium red & ultramarine. Shades should be cooler and darker than light parts. This will add relief to the loops of ribbons.


Then I painted a green fragments of the mask with emerald green, yellow cadmium and some white.


Finally I drew a background for mask. Real thing can't just hang in the air!
Therefore I drew a wood door on which hangs a wreath with a mask. I needed burnt siena, natural sienna and black paints/
Lower part of door should be darket than upper through drop shadow from wreath.


And the very last stroke!
Whith mixing white & ultramarine I add a highlights on a folds of ribbons to show what they from sparkling textil like organza.

Марди Гра_готовый.jpg

I think I do good painting!

Have a nice day!


bts: daring-celt

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