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House in Wisconsin (oil painting)

daring-celtPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago3 min read

Hi friends!

And so, I finally decided to pick up oil paints!
I really love oil painting, but I've always been apprehensive about it because I thought it was incredibly difficult!
But it turned out that this is a very exciting process!


I decided to start with a simple plot. My Livejournal friendin living in Wisconsin, US, made a beautiful shot of snowy house.
It seemed to me that this is the most suitable reference - a minimum of colors and simple lighting.
To begin with, I made an imprimatura.
I have no canvas for oil painting, I paint on special paper for oil and acrylic

These are my oil paints from Royal Talens and two synthetic brushes


For imprimatura, I took the colors ceruleum blue, ultramarine, grass green and titanium white


Making a sketch, placing a house on the sheet, front trees and large drifts of loose snow in the foreground


I start drawing from the background, from the fir-trees. I use a mix of herbal green and ceruleum blue on the lighted side, in the shade I add ultramarine and a little carmine.
For the house, I take the same mix for the shade, and for the illuminated areas I add yellow cadmium and more white
I paint the windows in the darkest color - a mix of ultramarine and burnt umber.


I decided to warm up the light that falls on the house.
To do this, I mixed cadmium yellow, ocher and scarlet red and strongly diluted all this with titanium white.
I painted snow on the roof with a mix of ceruleum blue and ultramarine (in the shade) and the same mix (cadmium yellow, scarlet red and whitewash) - on lighted areas.
I paint the bushes near the house with a mix of ultramarine pictures.
I also sketch out how the snowdrifts will lie.


And finally, snow.
I mix ceruleum blue, ultramarine, whitewash and carmine for a tree in the shade (and for distant trees that partially fall into the shade), somewhere I add more carmine, somewhere more ultramarine to show uneven lighting from behind the trees.
I paint all the illuminated snow with a mix of white, scarlet red and cadmium yellow. The shadows in a snowdrift are in some places it is a mix of ultramarine and ceruleum blue (the deepest shadows), and somewhere there is added cadmium and diluted with white.


Then the tree in the foreground - the shadow part is painted with burnt umber, and the illuminated part is a mixture of sienna and cadmium yellow.
On the left, I shade a part of the forest behind the house with ultramarine and carmine, in order to more clearly highlight the illuminated side of the house.
And the last bright accent of color is the Christmas wreath above the door.
I paint the wreath itself with the same mix colors that I used to paint the windows, and the decor paint with scarlet red.
And so that the wreath would not be lonely, I decided to add another colorful spot to the picture - an American flag on the roof.


Here is such a my winter house drawing!
I hope you like it too, because I enjoyed painting!))

Have a nice and creative day!



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