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Grafton lighthouse (tempera painting)

daring-celtPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago5 min read

Hi friends!

It was an artwork on art contest on Golos
The topic of the next round was "On the Shore"
Since I came up with this round myself, I already knew what I would draw


I found very beautiful building on Pinterest
The landscape itself seemed to me not very interesting, so I replaced it in the process of work with another.
I wanted to save only the lighthouse and the reflection in the lake

I built the building very carefully so that it complies with the laws of perspective.
Behind outlined the silhouettes of the mountains


It's my art materials - set of tempera painting and three synthetic brushes


As usual, I start my landscape work by painting the sky.
For the sky I mix ultramarine and blue FC. Closer to the upper edge of the sheet, I apply the color thicker and richer, and closer to the horizon line, lighter, I add white to color mix.
On the left side, I decided to add a group of light cirrus clouds. To do this, I added a drop of a mix for the sky to the white and painted several thin "arrows" with such a soft blue tint, also observing the perspective (closer to the horizon - smaller and almost merging with the sky).
This is how the light source appeared by itself - on the right.
I will adhere to it in all subsequent stages.


Now the far shore.
According to the airy perspective, it should be less saturated and in cold tones. Therefore, I add emerald green and more white to the mix for the sky.
I am painting a mountain ridge, laying chiaroscuro with different shades of the mix.
Closer to the foot of the mountain, I highlight to create the effect of tonal perspective and separate the background from the middle.


I paint water with the same mix of ultramarine and blue FC, but with the addition of emerald green. Also, closer to the foreground, the colors are thicker and more saturated, and the farther from the viewer, they are lighter and more pastel.
I leave free space for individual stones protruding above the surface of the water.
Now the middle coast.
I decided to do the work in cloudy evening lighting, which means cold light and warm shadows.
I decided to paint the forest area with a mix of emerald and natural sienna, added a little iron red in the shadows, and more ocher in the highlights (it itself has a cold shade). Closer to the ground, the forest is dark almost everywhere.
The forest-free fragment of the mountain was partially painted with a mix of sienna and iron red (it is darker to the right of the lighthouse building than to the left), white and cadmium yellow are added in places to create texture with the difference in color strokes.


The foreground, along with the lighthouse, will have the most saturated color for me.
I made a little celestial mix (ultramarine and blue FC) with iron red, plus a little natural sienna - in the darkest places (shadow from the lighthouse, from individual stones and under the shore).
With the same mix I paint the shadows from the stones in the water, and the stones themselves - with ocher and white.


Well, the main character remained - the lighthouse.
To paint the shadow side of the house, I took natural sienna, and for the illuminated one - ocher. For the roof I used an unbleached mix of ultramarine and iron red (in the shade) and blue FC with ocher in the light, for the windows I used a mix of sienna and iron red with white.
At the same time I draw the reflection in the water - it will be darker and there will be more blue shades in it.
I paint the reflection with uneven horizontal strokes, without clear contours, to create the feeling of water ripples.


The brightest object, the lighthouse pillar, was painted in cadmium red with a mix of iron red and emerald green (in the shadows) and white (in the light).
On the white stripes on the shadow side, I put a light blue color, with which I painted the clouds.
He also made highlights on the upper roof and on the weather vane in the form of a ship.
The glasses of the upper dome, where signal lights are lit, are partly painted with a celestial mix (reflexes from the sky), partly mixed with neutral shades.
The reflection was painted in exactly the same way as the house.
Well, with the same light cloudy mixture, I made the finishing touches with a thin brush - separate highlights on the water.

And that's what I got


I hope you like my new drawing too



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