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Digital art_2021. Spring gift for friends

daring-celtPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago2 min read

Hi friends!

This drawing was made to another round of art contest on Golos.
It was necessary to draw a premonition of spring

Предчувствие весны_грт.jpg

I had an old sketch, which I decided to finish drawing, because it corresponded to the stated theme.
Open it in Paint Tool SAI 2


In the original version, the hare simply looks into the outlet of the bear's lair.
But I decided to change the story in the process of drawing

As usual, first I select the color palette
The snow will be loose in spring


And in the lair where the bears sleep, it is cozy and warm, so here I used warm shades.


I didn't like the initially chosen colors, and I made the inner area of the lair even warmer.
And changed the pose for the hare


I add a spring forest to the background and the interior in the lair - a pendulum clock, a hemp table, shadows and folds on the blanket and plant roots on the "ceiling"


When I have outlined the chiaroscuro on the characters, I start to paint the fur with the same colors.
The bears


The hare
Yes, he brought a gift to his friends and lowers it on a rope into the vent


And what is this gift?
Ah... a bouquet of snowdrops!
Their aroma will fill the den, and the bears will wake up


Then I decided to apply the ground texture to the inner area of the lair.
Ans drop shadows from the things and the characters


Finally color correction in Photoshop
It turned out such a spring story

Предчувствие весны_грт.jpg

Have a nice and creative spring day to all

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