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Digital art_2022. The crows and sea buckthorn

daring-celtPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago2 min read

Hi friends!

Today I've another spring drawing.
But, you say, berries are autumn.
And I will answer that sometimes dry berries remain on the branches until the new season.
Therefore, crows can feast on them in the spring


I use for this artwork a photo for my friend from Golos as a reference

Sketch in Paint Tool SAI 2


Choosing a color palette
For background I use a brush from form String M to make texture stroke and good color blending


Sketching a trees and a birds in this step


With light and dark shades of gray I draw highlights and shadows and add volume to the birds


Details for trees
The right tree is further than the left one, I paint it with lighter brown colors.


And a more detailed drawing of the raven plumage (with Oil Brist 2 brush)



Time to draw sea buckthorn berries.
On the front tree, I draw them in rich colors with clear contours, and on the far tree, I only mark them with a total mass.


I want individual clusters of berries to glow.
Therefore, on a separate layer with a soft brush, I put yellow spots above each bunch, then I blur this layer and change the blending mode to Shade/Shine


I partially erase the blurry highlight so that the berries glow less intensely


And I also want to add spring freshness to the drawing.
I create a new layer, paint some colored spots on it with a soft brush, blur it and set blend mode Soft light
I also add silhouettes of distant trees to the background.


And finally color correction as always


Here is such a spring and fabulous picture I have today!

Have a nice and creative spring day to all!



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