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Digital art_2022. Oops!..

daring-celtPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago

Hi friends!

I drew this funny picture for a contest in the LJ community.
It was necessary to write a fairy tale or make a drawing according to given words.
I got the words: calendar, crocodile, polar bear, sand, cocoa and palm tree.
From this set came such a funny story with a suddenly revived calendar!)))


Sketch in Paint Tool SAI 2


Сhose a color palette


I want the calendar bear to contrast in color with the crocodile's environment


I turn off the sketch layer and start drawing objects


Decided to change the position of the crocodile to make the composition more complete


Drawing a details


The Crocodile and a cocoa


The Polar bear from the calendar


Ready art


I hope you smile as you watch this funny scene.

Have a nice and positive winter day!



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