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Digital art_2022. Half Moon Wreath

daring-celtPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago2 min read

Hi friends!

I'm still inspired by Christmas themes - we still have a festive mood in the air and even Christmas trees are still standing in apartments.
It was a task for an art contest - it was necessary to draw a winter flower.
And what flower is more wintery than poinsettia?


Sketch in Paint Tool SAI 2
I looked at many different types of Christmas wreaths and concluded that human imagination has no limits.
I chose from different photos a few elements that I liked.
For example, I liked the crescent-shaped wreath. As well as a house, Christmas trees, an owl and Christmas toys...
Something like this I will draw


Choosing a base colors.
I decided that I won’t have saturated objects here, everything will be in pastel light colors and in many shades of white


Chose a tint color of half moon


I decided to draw a blue wood door as a background for the wreath


Decor of wreath - a house and a fir-trees


And now the hardest part - decorating the wreath.


I want to draw a purple shadows for green brunches (then I made it more transparent, on such an intense)


Adding another objects of decor: the owl in the roof and stars


Then I make a shining of stars (with blur of duplicate layer and change blend mode to Dodge) and drop shadow from wreath to the door (on new layer too with Multiply blend mode and 70% opacity)


It remains to make the poinsettia flower beautiful and recognizable


And hang a wreath on a ribbon


I also decided to increase the backlight of the flower to bring it to the fore.
I did it with some colorful brush strokes on new layer and set blend mode Pin Light


Yes, maybe someone with this decoration on the door celebrated Christmas


I hope you'll like my idea)
Thanks a lot for your attention to my drawing tutorials!
Have a nice and creative day to all!



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