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Digital art_2021. Unhappy Rudolph

daring-celtPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago2 min read

Hi friends!

This funny story I came to my mind when I saw an art contest theme on Noise.cash
I had to draw a Rudolph reindeer in my own art style.
A humorously sad picture appeared in my head when Rudolph decided to work as Santa Claus, but as a result he somehow managed to lose all the gifts on the way.


Sketch in Paint Tool SAI 2


Choosing a base colors
Dark background and colorful character


I select light and dark colors for the character, for accessories, as well as clarify the contours of secondary objects - a torn bag with gifts and a sleigh in a snowdrift


I detail Rudolph - I add a sadly eyes, famous red nose, a scarf around his neck and the last toy, a stuffed hare, in the front limbs.
So I add ties for the bag and a piece of serpentine that fell out of the hole


Then I draw some fir trees on the background, the stripes on the scarf and the torn reins of the sleigh.
And a small snowdrifts when Rudolf's foot stuck


And finally detail some stars in dark sky


Ah, poor Rudolph!
What will he do now?
To be honest, I don't want to envy him ...

I hope, you'll like this unusual story

Have a nice and creative day!


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