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Corgi dog (watercolor painting)

daring-celtPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago2 min read

Hi freinds!

I rarely paint with watercolors because I don't always have the right paper.


It so happened that I came across a photo of a dog taken by my Livejournal friend.
I wanted to paint it with watercolors

This is my watercolor set.
Yes, I had good Fabriano cotton paper in stock.




I wet the paper around the dog and mixed the cobalt with the ultramarine - I like to paint with complex shades of color


To paint over the light colors of the coat, I mixed light ocher and ultramarine - this combination gives a gray color with a hint of steel.


For reddish coats, I mixed cadmium yellow, ocher red, and a little bit of ultramarine here and there to make the rich color a little softer.
Those areas where the shadow fell, I made darker (added sienna), and in the illuminated places - a golden orange color.
I painted the nose, eye and mouth rims with burnt umber, the eyes with sienna, and the tongue with carmine.


I don't know how realistic the corgi portrait turned out to be, but my friend (who photographed the dog) loved it

Have a nice and creative day!



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