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Will It Ever Be Again? - Blockchain Coffee "Sit Around The Table"

d00k13Posted for apostrophe Pod Members to comment on, 2 years ago4 min read

History, handed down verbally for generations. Facilitated by gatherings and group activities. Having close relations with not only your direct family members but nearly everyone within your civilization. This is how civilization evolved into society as we know it. Each person required to pull their weight or be left to fend for themselves through winters bitter cold. Taught by the person beside them utilizing skills which dictate their role within the society.

Today we see people unable to do something such as "sit around the table" and continue that humanity long tradition of passing down our knowledge. Lessons and wisdom when written may like the Bible loose context and fall victim to scrutiny over the years. In verbal dictation however, those very same lessons never lose their luster ...



Will It Ever Be Again? - Blockchain Coffee "Sit Around The Table"


bedtime story


You must be like me and remember story time. My mother was the smart one but both were readers. As a young lad I could not fall asleep without that story time and my mother was often the one to answer my fall. My father would read to me when the opportunity presented itself but never was it quite the same.


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She always had a way with words, playing a character. Allowing me to escape into the story peacefully drifting off to sleep. My father on the other hand is more of the "sit around the table" and reminisce type of story teller. He does not play a character but emphasized punch lines and his deep bellowing voice echoes in nearly any room. I am much like my father in that way gaining the attention of those around me when I speak yet with a hue of my mother, god rest her soul.


miss your face


How do we pass down our knowledge now? Covid restrictions freshly implemented and further yet to be expected. Hint's if you believe the sources of martial law type enforcement something completely unheard of here in Canada.

In general people will be ok I assume but will the lessons they have to pass on to further generations I wonder? My father has many of stories and some with lessons to go with. I know many but I cannot retell his story better than the source of it, himself. I missed the opportunity in my lost young adult years to connect with my mother and do what I now plan. I have started to record my story to the blockchain and so must I theirs! The story of my mother will be hardest to hear and mostly likely to tell.


video chat?


Setting this up in the current climate is only possible by the very tools that seem to enable our global response to the threat. We will video chat, it's simple enough to do. Recording our sessions for further review. Not everything I will share, at least not right away. Many life lessons are best learned after the teacher has passed away...

Cowley Rd: The story of a incredibly strong woman, lost, searching to be well...


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