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What’s up with Splash?

d00k13Posted 9 days ago for Everyone to comment on

WLS + Blurt = Splash Airdrop ... ok I don’t mind free tokens but is anyone from WLS involved with the project or is this just another case of FORKING notoriety?


No, I will not be supporting the project past seeing if it brings anything new.

Blurt brought with it much hype and drama and I have word from inside of mistrusts and control points. We see before us a battle of beliefs not much different than that of religion except we play with money rather than life.

What’s your thoughts on Splash? I am powering my WLS and Blurt back up so I can ensure the airdrop on February 28th but past that ... it seems pointless other than a new chain?

If we think about the global crypto market as a whole each one of these platforms merely act as a dividend for further withdrawal. I made my ROI years ago so now anything I am airdropped is straight profits in my eyes. No reason to value what you have not worked for past what it may provide for you immediately, right? ... This is why I don’t support forking

That’s it, @d00k13 Out!

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