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What I Found, Continued... Should I Clean Planet? - Daily D00k13

d00k13Posted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago

What up my Peeps? Welcome to the Daily @D00k13, in this video I am exploring a dumping zone I discovered while waiting on my car for vehicle repairs. Wondering if I should even bother trying to clean an area like this as it will likely fall victim to the less fortunate once more.

What do you think, should I start cleaning this area bit by bit? If I try do it all in one big go it will cost me a fortune and take several dedicated days. Give me a decent response on this video, SMASH THE LIKE button and LEAVE A COMMENT and I will totally start pulling out what I can on a regular basis.

First Cost: $10+ on this post buys me a Big Box of Garbage Bags from Walmart

Do you all still love me? 😘 I would love for you too show me!

That's It, @D00k13 OUT!!!

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