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What clumsy thing have I done lately while partying? - Think Like A Stoner

d00k13Posted for smoke.io-pod Pod Members to comment on, 4 years ago3 min read



Let me start this new weekly challenge by showing you how and what this whole thing is inspired by. First off it was my(@d00k13) birthday and having the opportunity to choose a gift ... we often don't do gifts ... I went with something funky from Spencers to entertain us as well include in my content.

What I happened to discover was perfect for starting off a little WTF Stoner Madness, the game "Think Like A Stoner".






Think Like A Stoner

Seems fairly straight forward game, answer the question with the first thing that comes to mind! For purpose of this online version of the game, rule of first to answer the question wins the card stands.


Please Read Carefully, Everyone Eligible May Win Twice


See Original Post For Details


The Question


What clumsy thing have I done lately while partying?
Obviously if you just want to have fun and join in feel free to drop your comments down below answering the question 😘


Good Luck Stoner 🤞



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