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What Can I Do For Yea? Tumbleberry!

d00k13Posted for smoke.io-pod Pod Members to comment on, 4 years ago5 min read

I have always loved that first moment you lay your eyes on a big bag of weed. Only a few times in my life prior to dispensaries had I ever seen bud displayed. Those occasions I refer to are purchases of quantity. Not your back room or dingy hotel room type deal but walking in to what people today expect of a dispensary as the standard.

What Can I Do For Yea?

Nicely presented display cases, high-tech security measures, detailed information of product selection. All of which we today see on the regular for something as small as a gram. Previously this was reserved only for the elite of the elite or those with fat wallets. Strains were seemingly only allowed to be smoked by a select few.

I doubt any of it intentional being more about supply and demand but it is something that has changed. I felt privileged to be among the few to have experienced that level of customer service, not that I don’t now but it’s not quite the same ...

Tumbleberry(Blueberry/Kush x Seawarp/???)

Don’t get me wrong the effort put forward by our dispensaries to maintain professionalism is high appreciated. Still the customer experience can’t compare to going to the source. Grabbing a batch of freshly trimmed Tumbleberry(Blueberry/Kush x Seawarp/???) presented to you in a simple yet well laid out tray. Obviously this is the small “display” container, I know this game well enough to recognize the sales tactics though much more modest.

Growing Home

Crazy thing is it’s not a sales tactic but a solid case of showmanship. A grower proud of his product and there is nothing wrong with that in my eyes. Heart and soul often goes into production and you can often tell those lack. Some will say everything is connected, speak of vibrational energies and the like yet I try keep it to what I can define. There is an obvious different in the product itself not just the presentation and marketing of it.

In the same way I have 3 images in this post ... let’s relate them to the situation and levels of display relating to the expertise in trying to explain ... The top image would be a dispensary having so much going on it seems to take away from being able to decide. The middle image is the experiment I speak of, humble yet obviously passionate. The bottom is the typical what you see is what you get type of “here’s the name” then take a look and have a smell.

Which is it that intrigues your interest the most?

Speaking of the images but as a reference to what I experienced and have for options. I always preferred the middle image as my example/option of cannabis deal. With focused and personal touch plus time taken then energy given to present it is what they are truly proud of.

I don’t care for dispensaries. I appreciate what they do but I do not care for that experience. I much rather as stated chilling out with buddy. Sitting and learning about the batch and it’s graces and complexities even if most of it goes over my head. He love to tell me what he does know about strains but his focus has always been smell, flavour, and effect. May not have 20 options set before me but I can trust the person in front of me knows first hand the effects of what they are presenting.

“What can I do yea for?“ his statement when I stepped in the door. Tray nicely displayed in front of him. Off to the other room he goes after knowing the value I look for meanwhile leaving me to drool over his freshest batch of bud. He comes back with 2 types, never an option given nor have I ever argued. Then to the tray rolling 2 joints, one for us and one for him.

Outside we go for the part of the experience which sets everything in ... stone ... getting to sit and discuss the very thing we are enjoying thanks to his labour of love ❤️

Till Next Time Stoners...

@D00k13 OUT!!!

PS - Kief Rewards Coming Tomorrow, Details Here!

Was called away from the PC and will follow up with things once I can get back to it.. been a long day but I have an awesome shirt for on stream now LOL soon enough I’ll have me a Smoke.io shirt!

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