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Week One #TetrapakChallenge - Candy Kush Clone

d00k13Posted for smoke.io-pod Pod Members to comment on, 4 years ago4 min read


After spending nearly a week trying to be frugal and dig up a 2L tetra container to use, I decided to go Red Green on a couple 1L apple juice containers ... now officially time for my first #tetrapakchallenge #weeklygrowlog



SunRype’nd Candy Kush


Dang did that shot come out nice 👌 completely organic light effects on a greasy lens 🤣🤣🤣 using every home grown trick in the book 💪 so ... seeing as I wanted to highlight the container I went and dug our the pro clear duct tape. In true Red Green fashion them special tapes are reserved for special projects 😆



  • Clone off an extremely old mother


  • Candy Kush - been same genetics since mother was cloned few years ago


  • End of week 1 since receiving clone

Soil & Nutrients:

  • Dirt: Promix & Organic Fert Mix (meals, kelp, many types of 💩, lime, husks, rooting hormones ... mixed it years ago I forget details 🤞 hope it’s still good)
  • Water: Liquid Kelp Mix(starting this week) & H204
  • Air: Yeast c02 Bomb in grow box



She looks pretty good but I noticed she came with some friends that took hold in the last few days 🤦‍♂️



Mostly on the larger leaves, did not have the stuff to treat thus the hydrogen peroxide in water 😉 at least get started on soil treatment after transplant and will pick something up for leaves after a simple wash(didn’t want to miss the awesome sun today doing everything at 12pm).



She has solid new growth so I’m confident that waiting closer till morning will be ok and Candy will bounce back full of SunRype’nd life 😜

Back in the grow box she goes after a quick soap and water wash tonight ... I’ll grab a few brighter bulbs and a spray bottle for tomorrow morning 🤞 hope they have some neem oil to add to the other mixture(smells spicy?) I have for misting ... all I remember is 1:1:50 for misting the neem oil and power mixture ... hot water one time use and shake the shit out of it the entire time spraying 😅 it really has been a long while ... washing leaves daily and misting every other ... hit them hard before they can hinder that new growth 👍



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Till Next Log Stoners...
That’s It @D00k13 OUT!!!

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