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This Weeks Preparations for #HappyHempDay on Canada Day

d00k13Posted for smoke.io-pod Pod Members to comment on, 4 years ago3 min read

You know I had not even realized that Wednesday was Canada Day till now LOL shows you how much I pay attention to the date. I only look at things when trying to find topics to talk about searching specifically for details usually relevant to something I have heard about. That said, it should make for an interesting #HappyHempDay show!




This Weeks Show Topics:

  • Interview With @RelayLogix – Smoke Witness to Smoke Witness
  • Upcoming listing of SMOKE on Hive-Engine.com & Accepting SMOKE for goods with WordPress
  • Community Curation
  • News, The Wash by JoeySlliks on YT aka @GrahamsVorten on SMOKE
  • History of Cannabis in Canada

We have a fully packed show never mind how #offtopic I get especially after the 4:20 chill session. I could tell you now but really, I think the above is enough to perk a little interest. Show is 4:00 PST every Wednesday hosted on #GreenHouseRadio in #Canna-Curate Discord and streamed live to FB, YT, Twitter, Twitch, Mixer … replays available LOL need I say more?



Lately I have been trying to build my email marketing campaigns and shop through my WordPress page. I really wanted to add a shirt to the shop but ended up coming up with something more suited as a reminder … You better believe I will be getting myself something once I can list shirts with a design I would be proud to sport! Anyways I digress back to the show … Much of what I am doing lately is setup. You would not believe the amount of time spent going back and forth from one site to the other.


D00k13.com Streaming LIVE Once Again

After my little technical error and hiring @thelogicaldude I have been incredibly careful not to break anything again. Slowly but surely one step at a time I have been able to get most things working once again. I have also been able to enable a cool Discord chat to pop up across my entire site thanks to The Dude's help. Now on the Live page is a Restream.io and Discord Chat embed. In the shop is my new addition for Happy Hemp Day. Also added the MailChimp widget for subscription to the weekly Happy Hemp Day Highlights. Still have much to do but I'm pleased to have a start, hopefully get that first email out the evening after the show … don't forget to subscribe man I hate saying that but please if anyone want to work with me by giving feedback on layouts etc please do!



Catch the Stream On D00k13.com Here

Or Here on YouTube

Or Join the Convo LIVE Here in @Canna-Curate Discord, I Bring On LIVE Video Guests!!!


See You Then

@D00k13 OUT!!!

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