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Starting On DTube Wiki & GitHub Doc with @KoalaSlippy - DTubeSnap Dec-08-2020

d00k13Posted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago4 min read


What's up DTube? How you doin' Angels? My name is Cam and I go by @d00k13 most places. This video I am discussing the ongoings of OneLoveDTube once again but this time with a little different focus. Elaborating how just a few simple goals of my own accomplished and discussion of them evolved into working on contributing to the whole. Conversation is key to any project and having @KoalaSlippy part of the OneLoveDTube Team has proven to be a blessing.

OneLoveDTube Working Doc

If you wish to add or help fill this out please contact d00k13 for edit permissions


  • Launch Community Contest (#DTubeSnap) ✔
  • Invite DTube Leaders To Team (Door Is Open) ✔
  • Land First Community Sponsorship (@ionomy) ✔
  • Launch OneLoveDTube Community Server & DTube Node ✔
  • Launch VoteFollower Service (Ionomy & D00k13) ✔
  • Host Weekly LIVE Streams (FromTheHeart Sun,Tues,Thurs,Fri 8AM UTC-8) ✔
  • One Easy Link To Resources
  • OneLoveDTube Alternative Front End (community branded)
  • Hold 5K DTUBE Coin for voting
  • Hold 10K DTUBE Coin for voting
  • Community Development Incentive Program
  • Solve DTube Branding/SEO Issues
  • Create A Organized And Professional Overview


  • Research about Wiki layouts & what is expected
  • Complete Wiki with KoalaSlippy while contributing to GitHub & OneLove Doc (todays focus)
  • Create post with open community positions & recent promotions (still to come as written post)
  • Upload video of conversation with Koala discussing how to contribute to Wiki & GitHub (tomorrow since no live show in one love)

That is if for today, working hard on finding ways to contribute. I may not be a developer but my ability to insert myself into situations and others willingness to participate is proving to be great for getting the various balls rolling. Each person doing what it is they can, without KoalaSlippy who knows how long it would have been before an official Wiki was thought of?

Let Me Know Your Thoughts In The Comments Below!!!

That's It, @D00k13 Out!!!

DTubeSnap - Daily Affirmation

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  • start your vlog with "Hey DTube" or similar
  • say your first name and username and dtubesnap in your introductory statements
  • mention what you are challenged with, recent goals accomplished, goals yet to accomplish, action plan to accomplish goals
  • post to "dtubesnap" tag
  • Share post to twitter using "dtube" & "dtubesnap" tags
  • drop links to tweet and dtube post in "dtubesnap" channel in #OneLoveDTube Discord


  • All posts following above rules will be curated by @OneLoveDTube
  • 3 posts chosen weekly for DTC & OneLoveIPFS hosting reward

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OneLoveIPFS uploader v1.0.1: A post-mainnet update

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We Will Get There Together

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