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Silver Smoke Tokin's? - D00k13 Digest

d00k13Posted for smoke.io-pod Pod Members to comment on, 4 years ago2 min read

What up my Peeps? Welcome to the @D00k13 Digest! Today I am excited to announce the opening of “Smoke Tokin” design concepts to the #SmokeNetwork community. That’s right we are asking the community for input which we will review on next weeks #HappyHempDay show! Details of design reward in video 😉

Basic idea is to provide some physical value to the network through a winnable prize. Currently in planning for the official House events but we mind as well get a design ready to go.

Logo Concept:

Smoke.io logo with cannabis leaf punched out. Writing on top “Smoke.io” or “Smoke.Network”. Writing on bottom “Tokin”.

Your Design:

Feel free to have fun with it but please keep fairly basic as we have limited ability to mint and fine details will not turn out so well. Use what ever coin shapes you like and even highlight using red for depression and green for raised surfaces if you wish for a specific effect.

I can’t wait to see what we all come up with!


The Happy Hemp Day Mid-Week Reminder To Chill is an hour long video call in talk-show discussing News, Investments, and Topics of Interest. Join us live and don’t forget to show your support for camel culture, saying hump is insensitive. Say “HEMP” not “HUMP”! We have a show nearly every day. From important discussions to hang and chill session, even a few shit shows (mine lol) we all try bring our A game to hosting in our own @GreenHouseRadio styles. Please join the #Canna-Curate discord directly to be part of our presentations.

Have something you wish to say? Found news of importance to empower our fellow stoners?

Join the conversation in the @Canna-Curate discord server.

That’s It @D00k13 OUT!!!

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