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ShakePay Exchange - The Quick & Simple Canadian Solution To Trade Your BTC & ETH To CAD!!! Now With Limit Orders!!!

d00k13Posted for Everyone to comment on, 4 years ago4 min read


I have been enjoying using my Steem rewards for trading OTC since discovering the ShakePay Canadian exchange thanks to CrimsonClad for introducing me. I love this service, simple and straightforward with no complications or confusions just the way I like it! Best of all is the mobile app with its ability to trade OTC while on the go directly from CAD to BTC & ETH and back again. Unlike the alternative Coinbase for Canadians requiring sell depositing your CAD to a PayPal account, ShakePay allows you to sell keeping your CAD funds inside your wallet for further trading opportunities.

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The Easiest Way For Canadians To Buy And Sell Bitcoin

With positive coverage coming from some major sources within the financial and tech industries such as Bitcoin Magazine, Techvibes, Bloomberg, Forbes, Financial Post I find it hard to believe that this exchange is not better known by all Canadians!

Though their support for the variety of crypto currencies available is very limited with only support ETH & BTC they do exactly as promised on their website, buy & sell quickly with ease from mobile or PC. Even offering limit orders on the mobile app!!!




  • Quick Identify Verification done within 24hrs
  • Easy Loading add CAD funds with ETransfer in a matter of minutes
  • Notifications set price alerts and receive push notifications for all account activities
  • Regulatory Oversight licensed as a Money Service Business by FINTRAC and the AMF to operate in all Canadian provinces and territories
  • Store Bitcoin Securely majority of all digital assets on Shakepay are stored securely offline
  • Responsive Support we'll get your issues resolved within hours any day of the week (they are serious about customer service)
  • Limit Orders from the mobile app you can set limit orders making certain not to miss those crucial supports


  • No Charts For Trading the only charts they have are separate from your wallet and do not show any details traders would be interested in
  • No BTC to ETH Pair only offers trading with CAD pairs


What To Expect Next?

~With Shakepay Change, Canadians buy bitcoin automatically by rounding up their everyday purchases~

How It Works:

  • Link your debit and credit cards to your Shakepay account
  • When you buy beer, burgers, or a bus ticket (or anything else) we’ll round up each purchase to the nearest dollar
  • We'll automatically buy you bitcoin with the change.

Available Soon!!!


The Canadian Solution

You need look no further than ShakePay if your like me a Canadian that just wants an easy way to Buy Into and Take Profit from my crypto activities which doesn't require cashing out to either a bank account or PayPal upon selling. With this app I have started taking profits from my Steeming activities and begun to grow them further trading OTC while on the go with the mobile app. I like the ability to watch my wallet grow knowing that at a single click of a button when that limit order or price marker goes off sending a mobile push alert to my phone I can make adjustments as needed ensuring I keep taking profits every step of the way!

Check Out ShakePay Here!!!

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After you have signed up:
Take full advantage of their referral bonus's.
Unlock #ShakingSats with Referrals.
Earn Bitcoin Daily!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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