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Sadly I Must Return My Gift - 20K & Smoking Push/Chin-Ups - Set Your Mind, GET IT!!!

d00k13Posted for Everyone to comment on, 4 years ago2 min read

Welcome to the Daily @D00k13, having been my birthday recently and received a gift from my father I set out on a walk with Jerry to do some Push-Ups & Chin-Ups while talking about how unexpected his choice was.

Out on our walk I decide to do a set of "Smoking Push/Chin-Ups" so I could use the time walking back to record a proper vlog on my thoughts. No idea how many Push-Ups or Chin-Ups I have done ...

You Tell Me How Many Smoking Push-Ups & Chin-Ups

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My father has a way of asking questions over time to get the answer he wants without alerting you to what his intentions are. Very sneaky! I had thought his gift was going to be something other then what arrived, a 32" Monitor. So stoked I was quickly heart broken once I set it up seeing that the screen had a spiderweb crack. I know it will be replaced, packed and taking it back today but still sat heavy with me though extremely please with the gift.

Now the monitor is packed back up but not without testing how well I could setup my streaming system with it. I believe I will need the second monitor still though with operating in full HD my screen capture immediately rendered much higher quality. The kicker was my editing software having room to expand all the sections out with ample space left over for a large video preview section, no scrolling or screen jumping needed.

Can't Wait For The Replacement To Arrive

Everyday is a new day 😘 @D00k13 OUT!!!

Set your mind, Get It!!!

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