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Replaced My GoPro Shorty... What's Next?

d00k13Posted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago2 min read

What up my Peep's welcome to the Daily @D00k13. Heading out this day to hit the Gorge Waterway for Sunrise. I find myself wanting to talk about the reasons for picking up a replacement shorty handle. As if an affirmation to self, I am on the "right path" as some would say. My mind can't help but carry on to what will be next and the reasons for such decision. What do you think I may be thinking about purchasing? I hint in the video that I have purchased one in previous but had to return it with a few other details.

Planning To Plan The Planned Plan...

Slowly but surely I am getting around to utilizing my devices and starting on the content I want to create while still fulfilling duties within communities and projects. More GoPro footage to come as I continue putting together what I have already recorded. Including last years "Giving Croissants To The Homeless" adventure which went well although I did not get to record dropping off the masks from donations as I had hoped. The whole project was put on hold with my health as it was then so here is hoping its all improvement from here 🤞

Later Today!

I will be hosting the Original DTuber's Talk in the Official DTube Discord and would love for you to join me at 5pm UTC ... or any other Tuesday for that matter ;)

Let Me Know Your Thoughts Down Below!?!

That's It, @D00k13 OUT!

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