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My Life Began With Weed - Happy Hemp Day Show Today at 4PM PT

d00k13Posted for Everyone to comment on, 4 years ago2 min read

Happy Hemp Day Everyone!

Having spent so much time recently focussed on a single project, my friends wedding video, I feel like leading into this weeks stream talking about how cannabis culture tends to infiltrate our lives. My experiences with the industry and how some aspects of that nefarious journey of mine are now the very moments I cherish.




My Life Began With Weed

Feeling sentimental this week ... so many aspects of my journey have given life to characteristics within myself mostly made possible by cannabis culture. Feel free to join in the conversation on the @canna-curate discord and ask any questions you may have while I will do my best to flush this idea out free style.

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Show Topics:

  • Story Time - Cannabis Culture
  • Smoke.io Curation - post entries
  • News - by @GrahamSvorten
  • Guest Appearance(???) - make yourself known I will bring you on 🤟


Packed show? I can pack every show... give me a mic and point me in a direction is all I need 😝 what details my audience brings to attention is really what peaks my interest so please do ...


Join Us On #GreenhouseRadio In The @Canna-Curate Discord



See You Then
@D00k13 OUT!!!
#happyhempday #canna-curate #smokenetwork #greenhouseradio  

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