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Look What I Got ... An Out Of The Blue Message

d00k13Posted for smoke.io-pod Pod Members to comment on, 4 years ago4 min read



Check This Out says the message

... he’s still typing ...
... maybe he’s not ...
... maybe he is ...

... maybe I’ll start writing and get half way through for an image to finally pop up ...


Congo he says

... now thinking to myself who is this message from again? ...

... I reply ...


All right, it’s a little bit of exaggeration on my behalf. I knew who was messaging me but that was my response 😎 no further reply afterwards ... I have been on my buddy for nearly a year now to start posting his supply here to Smoke.io. This time making the title image of this post from the #nugporn shot he sent trying to lure me into purchasing 😉

I don’t hold anything against him to be frank he’s probably not capable of tackling the complexities but I keep trying anyways. My buddy has “learning troubles” and cannabis has been his coping tool of choice. Overcoming addiction and embracing cannabis I think if he could get his story out it would help so many people see there is a light at the end of that dark tunnel. Though I believe he will need someone to help write it I keep reminding him I am willing to be that person when the day comes. I do this because I have been a part of his journey of recovery. I led him to help others and through that he helped himself even if the means was financial the result was self-empowerment. No matter if my boy never writes for himself here on Smoke.io I will do my best to encapsulate his influence upon me 🥰

For me these messages from my buddy are a reminder of where I started from. My buddy was there for me when I fell, that one time I never thought I could get up from. He was there for me when no one else was. He is not my buddy that supplies green but he is my buddy that happens to have a good supply of it. If you know what I means then I need not explain more ....

... for the rest of you think of Pineapple Express ...

At the beginning these guys didn’t trust or like each other for more then their green but by the end they are brothers. Complications of the journey and rising above became their companionship.

Though it might be a simple Nugshot sent to me by a man wanting to make a sale my mind brings me to that moment of him welcoming me in ...

Awkwardly forcing me to relax into the gravity of the situation with open arms of companionship 🥰 I was a wreck that night and he likely saved my life by doing nothing more then being himself ...

A truly caring human being

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