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It Truly is A HAPPY Hemp Day

d00k13Posted for Everyone to comment on, 4 years ago5 min read

Although international shipping is still under increased pressure and complicating circumstances, I have received my Roach Sunday prize! Awesome that it happened to come through just in time for the weekly #HappyHempDay show. The package was extremely well packed though looked as if it had been through a battlefield. Luckily, everything inside was in good shape despite the appearance of the outside box. I should have taken a picture, but I had completely forgotten about this incoming delivery. I was thinking it was part of my other items ordered online …


It Truly is A HAPPY Hemp Day

So, I received two prizes in one box, I don't remember exactly what they were for now but I believe it was for being present on her show if not the Roach Sunday contest itself … I am terrible at keeping track of these things LOL

@Technosgirl does an amazing job with her swag giveaways and designs. This time in the package I found a pipe and mug … to be completely honest I pulled the coffee cup out and the pipe almost made it to the garbage but I was curious why the packaging felt so heavy LOL


The Pipe

The pipe is obviously a generic deal but still cool looking, I wonder if it has colour changing effects? Feels solid and looks as if a few minor drops won't bother it in the slightest.

What I like most is the big flat bottom. I am not certain why, but I tend to find that most of the pipes I have had have a bottom that does not support it from rolling over. This one will handle being put down without needing to be finicky of how I place it on the surface. This is beneficial for times where trying to use a smaller surface for refilling the bowl with bag in hand. An often-overlooked aspect of a pipe is its stability, I know firsthand how much it sucks to loose your last toke to an unstable pipe. All that said this pipe will be going in my promotional efforts bag along with a little stash, a toke for every stop ;)


The #RoachSunday Mug

You better believe while writing this I am drinking my very first Roach Sunday coffee and man does it taste good! Yes, I know about psychological effects and I do believe that what I am experiencing is just that. I also do not think there is anything wrong with buying into what makes you feel good! I believe everyone can agree there is just something about free that makes it so much better. This free coffee mug makes my thick sludge from yesterday taste like a new opportunity, yea I am that frugal I drink every drop!

The mug itself is your basic plain white mug you could get from anywhere, made in China so nothing too interesting to note. The logo design on the other hand I believe is genius, simple yet inclusive. Using the hashtag to advertise the show while also making a logo that strikes attention. Even the wrapping of the logo around the cup I find cool as it piques interest not being able to see the whole thing.


Thank You @Technosgirl

I am proud to say that I am a fellow witness to such an amazing community of smokers. Your efforts alone have a huge impact on said community and for that I can say, reassured, Smoke.io would not be the same with out you.

So, I smoke a bud of Gelato in your name while sending positive vibes your way on this #HappyHempDay looking forwards eagerly for the next #RoachSunday.

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Much Love Stoners,

@D00k13 OUT!!!

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