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It's Time For Natural Solutions - Blockchain Coffee "Chapped Lips"

d00k13Posted for apostrophe Pod Members to comment on, 3 years ago4 min read

Every year heading into winter from fall I get horribly Chapped Lips. As the temperature drops and humidity fluctuates our usually temperate humid climate starts to draw moisture from everything. We as humans are mostly water which means anything exposed to the elements will experience the same effect. Our lips and edges of the nostril mostly being unprotected are the first to show signs of natures abuse. While Mother Nature is what causes dehydration she also provides the remedy.



It's Time For Natural Solutions - Blockchain Coffee "Chapped Lips"


hi honey



Something most of us have in the cupboard whether it bee for tea or crumpets is Mother Nature's Golden Remedy, Honey! The bees knees when it comes to healing, there are many studies available on the antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties of honey. Use of Mother Nature's Gold for skin care date back as far as history and interpretation cares to take us. When at home apply some (preferably organic) honey directly to your lips for added moisturization and to protect cracked lips from infection. Also has added benefit of being a mild exfoliator, gently removing dry/dead skin from your lips.


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Though this is a grand natural remedy I try go for one which can be applied when needed. Honey has the issue of being sticky and not very convenient to carry while also not the most appealing to look at ... hey man you forgot to swallow ... LOL


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I am not fond of most of the products available. Sure lip balms help but they do not actually stop the chapping once it has started, something else is needed for this. Usually I will go with something medicated from the pharmacy but this year I am doing it a little different with highly approved results. As hinted above this is a natural remedy which like honey seems to aide in the healing rather then just working as a topical protective layer.


chef kiss


CannaButter to the rescue. If you are like me then licking your lips becomes a bit of a problem but so far the healing effects outweigh my desire to taste the ohh so good InstaButter I made. Applying it in small amounts directly to the chapped areas of my lips they have healed in about 3 days.


Such good results I think in future I will not require taking any with me out of the house!


That's It, @d00k13 OUT!!!



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